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When your weight goes over your ideal weight it is basically due to a mismatch between the amount you eat and how much energy your body needs.

There are some medical conditions which can alter the way your body uses the energy you take in eg a low thyroid hormone level ( hypothyroidism).

It is important to see your general practice doctor to check if there are any medical causes for your weight gain which can be treated.

Hypnotherapy along with cognitive behaviour therapy can help you to reduce and then keep your weight down long term.

It can help you identify and change the unhelpful attitudes, habits and patterns of behaviour that you have developed over the years which lead to eating more than your body needs.


A systematic review is a summary of research focused on a single question.

It tries to identify and appraise all high quality research relevant to that question. Systematic reviews are regarded as the strongest form of evidence.

This review found that cognitive behaviour therapy and behaviour therapy significantly improved the success of weight loss.

The evidence available suggests that relaxation and hypnotherapy may also be successful in improving weight loss.

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